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Clearbit Logo

The colorways and shape of the logo should not be modified, and there should be a space around the logo of at least 150% the size of the logo.

The color version of the logo should be used on predominantly light backgrounds, while the white logo should only used on dark or vibrant backgrounds.

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Founding Team

Matt Sornson

Co-founder & CMO

Alex MacCaw

Co-founder & CEO

Amit Vasudev


Andrew O'Neal

Co-founder & CPO

Rob Holland

Co-founder & Engineer

Harlow Ward

Co-founder & Engineer

Backstory and Timeline

With backgrounds at Stripe, Twitter, Google, and Heroku, the Clearbit founders came together to transform the world of stodgy, inflexible corporate data and create quality infrastructure crucial for innovation. We help modern businesses grow with products that run on real-time data to generate demand, act on intent, drive conversions, and expand. Today, Clearbit powers more than 1,500 B2B SaaS companies, including Asana, Segment, and Atlassian.

Our first product, Enrichment, replaced the world of manual CSVs with a business-data API that software developers love to use. We then launched Prospector for sales teams building their book of business and Reveal for marketers de-anonymizing website traffic. Soon after, we turned our attention to partners, releasing integrations with Segment, Zapier, Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Drift, and Intercom.

Seeing how the world’s greatest digital marketers build growth engines on top of our APIs, we decided to democratize these marketing tools for every B2B company. More than an API or integration that you set and forget, Clearbit is now part of the daily workflow of digital advertisers, sales ops leaders, marketing-site product managers, and more, to power growth through every stage of the lifecycle, without requiring manual lists or engineering resources.

Profitable since month four, we had an early mission to grow pragmatically and preserve our tight-knit culture. At year four, we decided to leap to the next level and take major funding (Series A). Throughout our team expanding to more than 100 employees in just a few months, we remain committed to preserving our culture of mutual accountability, transparency, and personal growth.

Our headquarters is based in San Francisco, and we have employees around the world.

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  • Clearbit is founded by Harlow Ward, Alex MacCaw, Rob Holland, Matt Sornson, Andrew O'Neal, and Amit Vasudev
  • Clearbit launches Company and Employee Enrichment APIs
  • Clearbit releases Enrichment 2.0, along with Reveal and Prospector
  • Clearbit breaks 50,000 users and 25 million monthly enrichments
  • Clearbit launches Salesforce, Slack, Segment, and Zapier integrations
  • Clearbit breaks 1,000 business customers
  • Clearbit launches our Marketo integration
  • Clearbit breaks 300,000 users and 500 million monthly enrichments
  • Clearbit starts development on X – our first SaaS product
  • Clearbit raises 15M in Series A funding
  • Clearbit Launches X – a Growth Engine for B2B Marketers

See why the world’s best companies use Clearbit to become truly data-driven.

Quotation Mark
Clearbit helps us shorten forms, customize live chat, and enrich data for our sales team. It's quickly becoming the gold standard in the data intelligence space.
Jason Yang
SVP Business Operations, Dialpad
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